What do you think are the most strong upcoming market- moving events? How does the bullish or bearish trend affect the market and when it is likely to set

For all of these, the answer is just one, The Forex Calendar will help to find the most upcoming market trends.

Decision making is the most important factor when comes to traders and making proper decision by setting up the proper investment goal and choosing a proper financial instrument to trade is the sole reason to bring expected returns on the investments done. And this is only possible if you know what moves the market and what is the right time to trade and what is the right time to exit the trade.

CRIB MARKETS LTD Economic Calendar will let you know the exact information related to market that you are looking for it will guide you and provide you the necessary information related to the upcoming market-moving events by mode of pre-scheduled news or government reports on Economic Indicators which influences the entire financial market. This will help you in making the right decision as when is the right time to invest inorder to get good returns as Economic Indicators follows a wide range of economic events that repeatedly moves the market. As the market response to global economic events are really fast, therefore it will make it easy for you to find the time of such upcoming events and adapt your trading strategies in accordance to that.

CRIB MARKETS LTD Economic Calendar will surely help you as both Bullish or Bearish markets have opportunities, you just need to understand which is likely to set in and what all changes it might bring.

Economic Calendar Indicators

With the constant use of the CRIB MARKETS LTD Economic Calendar, you can easily follow the release schedule of various Economic Indicators and it will make you ready for notable market movements. At this point of time, the foremost thing that you are required to understand is the price actions during such events and for all this the only solution for you is the Economic Indicator. You can easily anticipate the trading market through following Economic Indicator for Inflation, instance, Employment strength or GDP and get potential trading pool of opportunity at a good time.

Here are the list of most important Economic Indicators mention below:

Consumer confidence Index measures average Consumer confidence and their spending power for example, decrease in Consumer Confidence means weakening economy.

Consumer Price Index is used to measure inflation that means it measures changes in the prices of consumer goods and services. Consumer Price Index reports the changes in prices in more than 200 categories.

It is a key indicator that is released each month for future manufacturing activities which is the indications for new orders placed with domestic manufacturers for upcoming delivery of durable goods.

Employment Cost Index is the one that shows the rise and fall in employment costs. It is a toll which measures inflation in series, employer-paid benefits and wages in the US.

Gross Domestic Product indicates the economic growth of the country, GDP is related to the living standard of the person as GDP is the market value of all services and goods produced in a country in a specific time period.

Gross Domestic Product Deflator measures price levels for all goods and services, it is used to differentiate between nominal and real GDP.

The industrial capacity of any country is indicated through Industrial Production, this means this is an indicator used for changes in output in any industrial sector.

IPCU is used to measure every month’s economic activity and shows the entire data for previous month too. IPCU encourages the buying and selling in many industries.

In order to differentiate between the imports and exports of all goods and services, or to know the changes in imports as well as exports, International Trade is used as this measures the difference and changes also indicates market trends.

It is the study or business survey through which production, distribution and consumption of all goods and services are known and studied.

NAPM is used to measure the economy and manufacturing sector in particular. It is used to calculate data of production or any new orders and also employment.

It indicates the present scenario of complete US companies and also forecasts the future levels of economic activities in the market.

Producer Price Index an indicator that is used to measure the changes in selling prices that are received by domestic producers in manufacturing, agriculture,mining and electricity.

Purchasing Managers Index is to know the direction of economic trends in prior, especially in manufacturing and service sectors. It indicates whether the market is expanding, or is the same as previous or if it’s contracting.

Retail sales is an indicator that measures the entire expenditure done by consumers, and it really helps in knowing the economy and predicting the broad consumer spending patterns.

It is a business poll which is run quarterly, it is issued by the Bank of Japan and it affects currency rates and stocks. In Japan it is also considered as a major financial indicator.

Unemployment rate is an indicator that measures the unemployment rate of any country. It is measured by the ratio of individuals who are out of work and who are willing to work and who are able to work as opposed to the number of individuals working. It also helps in showing the future interest rates and monetary policies.

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